Isolation and Drainage

Our Company has a great experience in insulation and drainage works. Among many, our work in Baku Central Park (Winter Park area and its underground parking and Shamsi Badalbayli street) is the largest project regarding the insulation and drainage portfolio of our company. We offer plastic and textile drainage products, geotextile, root barriers, as well as liquid rubber insulation.


Pazkar, from the Paz Group, is the leading company in Israel in development, manufacturing and marketing of mainly construction waterproofing bitumen and water based products, in addition to products for the road-infrastructure markets.


DuPont Typar

DuPont Typar® is composed of thermally bonded continuous polypropylene filaments. The fibre extrusion process produces thousands of superfine continuous filaments, which pass through a DuPont patented “pre-stretch” stage. The superfine tough filaments are directionally oriented producing a fibre web sheet that is then thermally and mechanically bonded. By varying polymer and process conditions, a range of high-strength Typar® sheet structures with differing denier and physical properties can be produced. DuPont patented production technique is one of the main reasons for the unique properties of Typar® compared to other geotextiles.



Eurovent® is a brand which has many years of experience in design, production and distribution of products suitable for insulation and ventilation of sloping roofs as well as for elevations. In our offer you will find over 345 products including roofing membranes, wind barrier, vapour barrier membranes as well as other roof accessories. Moreover, the offer is supplemented with foundation foils constituting vertical and horizontal damp-proof insulation in residential and industrial construction and with window tapes for outside and inside insulation for window and door mounting holes.