Fish Farming

One of the new directions of our company is design and engineering of fish farms, as well as sale of relevant equipment. Moreover, AGAT Company specializes in the most recent and innovative kind of fish farming with Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS). RAS fish farms has many advantages over its alternatives, but main pros are efficiency in water and electricity use (meaning cost efficiency) and faster fish growth. Theese two are one of the most important factors in any fish farm experience as they contribute to the sooner and greater financial income. RAS is especially important for strugeon (ancient fish which might extinct in near future) farming as stable temperature year-long prevents them from winter sleeping and forces to grow constantly. Strugeons are not only loved due to their taste but also due to insanely high price of their caviar. Additionally RAS system is more safe than open air alternative due to the ability of full control starting from water microfauna, bacterial balance, till the temperature and collection of fish/caviar. We are official representative of the following brands in Azerbaijan:

Evolution Aqua

British company making home aquariums, filters, and other similar equipment for lakes, fish farms, swimming pools and pounds.



Australian company making mechanical filters and water pumps for lakes, fish farms, swimming pools and pounds.



Dutch company making drum filters which are the most essential part of any RAS system. 


Sibo FLuidra

Combines in itself different products for a quaculture made by multiple firms and branded under this united brand.


Fiap GmbH

German company producing different accessories for fish farming.



American company producing oxygen generators which are the most essential part of any fish farm.