Flooring Solutions

We offer variety of high quality and durable flooring solutions such as broadloom carpets (wall-to-wall, tiles), mats, rugs, vinyl, artificial grass, sport courts, etc. 

Isolation and Drainage

We offer European and Israeli isolation & drainage products such as liquid rubber, drainage rolls, geotextile, root barrier, etc. that are unique in their durability, quality, and longer life.

Recreational Products

We offer recreational vehicles such as boats, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, off-road vehicles (ATV and UTV), as well as onroad tricycles made by leading American and Canadian companies. These products will make your leisure more active and adventurous. 


Fish Farming

Our Fish Farms consisting of high quality parts made in UK, Australia, Europe, US, and Azerbaijan will present you the most space and cost efficient aquaculture business.

Air Heaters

Volcano air heaters are offering you one of the most energy and cost efficient heating solutions for storage, workspaces, and showrooms.