Floor Coverings

For 30 years AGAT Company offers it customers broadloom (wall-to-wall) carpets, carpet tiles, rugs, PVC linoleums made by leading European Manufacturers. Our main partners are Beaulieu International Group and Balta Group both located in Belgium - a country with a long history of carpet making. Our company is an exclusive distributor of these companies on residential and commercial flooring solutions. We also offer our customers flooring solutions such as sport courts and artificial grass. All our products are distinguished in the market due to their highest quality.

Beaulieu International Group

Beaulieu 力nternational Group is one of the world's well-known companies not only in flooring solutions but also in textile fabrics, technical textiles, raw materials, as well as wooden floors. Headquarter and plants are both located in Belgium. Our company has been an official distributor of Beaulieu International groups since the early 1990s.


Ideal ® is a brand offering broadloom carpets mainly designed for residential use, but also suitable for hotels and offices. Ideal offers a wide range of products with different designs, patterns, and colors to satisfy any customer's needs and wishes. These products are also stain-resistant and durable, ready to serve for many years.



Carus ® offers broadloom carpets specifically built for heavy traffic such as crowded office spaces, hotels, exhibition halls and etc. These carpets are distinguished with even longer lifespan than its alternatives.



Juteks ® is another brand of Beaulieu International Group offering its PVC Linoleum products for both, residential and commercial use. 



Beauflor ® is the highest-quality luxury PVC Linoleum manufacturer within Beaulieu International Group of Belgium.


Orotex® and Real®

Orotex ® and Real ® are offering only needlefelt flooring solutions specifically designed for exhibition and concert halls, airports, etc.


Balta Group

Belgian company Balta Group is one of the largest carpet producers of Europe. Balta Group produces rugs, broadloom carpets for residential and commercial use, as well as carpet tiles of the highest quality in different colors and with different patterns and designs.


Modulyss ® is a brand of Balta Group offering heavy-duty premium luxurious carpet tiles for commercial use in offices and other public spaces.mThis brand specifically produces only carpet tiles of high quality.



iTC ® offers broadloom carpets made from polypropylene and polyamide for residential and commercial applications. Famous for its designs and colors, iTC has also been known in the market for its high durability and stainsafe technology preventing carpets from getting permanent stains.


Balta Home

Balta Home is a brand offering rugs made from polypropylene and wool. They are offering rugs in a variety of sizes, patterns, and designs suitable for any customer need.



Right accessories are as important as the floor covering itself. With the right choice of accessories such as wall panels, profiles, etc. you can highlight the beauty of your space.


FN is an Austrian producer of profiles for floors, walls, and ceilings known for its high quality and wide range of shapes and designs.



Calorique is an American company making heated floor and ceiling systems powered by electricity known for its easy application and cost-efficiency.


Sport Courts and Artificial Grass

We are also representing manufacturers of artificial grass and sport court flloring.

Connor Sport Court

Connor Sport Court is a sports court flooring producer known for its partnership with NBA, NCAA, FIBA, USATF and USA Volleyball. The company offers both synthetic and wooden flooring solutions.


Domo Sport Grass

Domo® Sports Grass is a brand of Sports & Leisure Group NV which is a world leader in the manufacture of artificial grass.



Established in 2006 EuroField is a famous European manufacturer of artificial grass for residential and commercial use.